Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I'm blogging today because I'm bored and don't want to do any homework. I just finished two exams and I destroyed them. I have another one on Friday but am feeling very over confident and don't feel like studying. Not much has been happening in my life that I should update everybody on. Classes are going well as, I've taken exams in Physics and Greek and the other ones are coming up soon. Spring Break is coming up at the beginning of March and I am headed to Los Angeles, California with Ross Jelgerhuis and Blake Bozarth. Ross's cousin lives there and two of his friends are coming from Michigan and we are going to hang out for a week or so.
I found out this week that I am still the youngest guy on the hall. Even all the freshman that came on the hall last semseter were older than me. I also found out that there are some pretty big time profs here on the mountain. My prof for CHOW Dr. Reg Mclelland was talking in class and he mentioned that one time he was arguing with R.C. Sproul about some finer point of theology or something. He also mentioned that he was talking to J. I. Packer one time. Also Dr. Kelly Kapic is writing a systematic theology with Sinclair Ferguson!

Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Blogging Again (to the tune of Supertramp's It Raining Again)

So all y'all have been pressuring me into blogging so I guess I have to do if I want to have any friends when I go back home over the summer. Not much has been happening in my life since y'all saw me even though plenty has happened since I last blogged. So I will start from since the last time I blogged. First and most important I have a beautiful girlfriend, Victoria Woodford. She is from Baltimore, Maryland. She is nineteen a junior by credits but a sophomore by year (for all of you people who don't know what that means: she is third year by credits and second year by amount of time that she has been here).

Saturday, December 8, 2007


I took Victoria to th Madrigal Dinners two Fridays ago. It was some great food and decent entertainment. It is a medivel castle setting. There are a Lord and Lady presiding and singers and a band playing and a jester was going around juggling. It was a lot of fun.

Chase and Julia

Becca and Zein

Friday, November 30, 2007

The Beard-Off

My hall had a No-Shave November Beard-Off. That is ending because, of course, it is the end of November. Only three people, including me, persevered until the end. I planned on regular progress updates as the days passed but it turned out there was very little progress to update. The below pics are as good as it gets.


Over American Thanksgiving I went to my roomates house in Chicago. We got three days off school but since I have no classes on Tuesday we drove up Monday night. It is a ten hour drive and we arrived at about four in the morning. Thankgiving is always on a Thursday (crazy Americans) so we had a great dinner with the traditional turkey, mashed potates, stuffing, salad, pumpkin pie, etc. It was a nice break from dumpy cafeteria food. That night we made a clay Nativity scene (below). There were some special guests including a Mountie, King Herod, a crazy black dude and their dog, Chase. Saturday night we rode the train to downtown and walked around.

I remembered how to make those bunnies out of finger mittens.

Kevin, Kyle's brother

Kat, Kyle's girlfriend, and Kyle

Two of the main streets downtown

A shady allyway that Al Capone most certainly frequented.

A giant mirrored bean

ICE!!!!! I think this was the first time I had seen real ice in about 11 months. This was in Millenium Park.

Lake Michigan -My first glimpse at a Great Lake. This was as close as I got, a highway was in my way.

A concert hall or something